Laurie is the Holy Harlot, Whore of Babylon, Scarlet Woman archetype. She flows honey into the land of milk and honey.

If you are in need of some action, just repeat Laurie's name 2,609 times and you will instantly be erotically satifsfied. If you do not have time to chant this many times, you can just take advantage of yourself with Laurie's image in your mind, and you will soon find yourself in a state of orgasm.

Reality met a God face to face, spoke with her, touched her hand...and lived to talk about it.

Another photo, this one with secret temple hand gesture.

FUN FACT: Laurie is your incestuous lover.

Yes this is true. just as Keith and Laurie engaged in a sexual union. (To read more about this see David Cassidy's book "Come on Get Happy: Fear and Loathing on the Partridge Family Bus." Cassidy and Dey did engage in incest!), you too can get it on with the Great Whore of Babylon, who is in fact your sister. Laurie's harlotic skull structure has brought great joy to millions of viewers.

When Laurie pleased her brother Keith, it was so intense that he ejaculated for 40 days and 40 nights causing the entire Earth to be flooded with his semenic fluids. The only survivors were Noah and his family along with the animals. He survived because only he was listening to the sounds of reality. He knew that Keith was about to pre-ejaculate then ejaculate and then post-ejaculate all over the Earth. So Noah built a large School Bus and painted it like Joseph's coat of many colors in a Mondrianesque style.

Unfortunately Laurie's mortal incarnation Susan Dey has been running away from her role in erotic sacred history. Dey did appear on "Saturday Night Live" and do a few Partridge related skits, so I guess once again the Temple is responsible for getting these mortal incarnations to start coming around.