Danny is the Trickster god. He is represented by Loki in Norse Mythology. He is the creator of all chaos.
If you are ever in the need of revenge or mischief, fast for seven days chanting the following "Danny Partridge Danny Partridge Partridge Partridge Danny Danny." And your will will be done.

FUN FACT: Danny is the only being in the Universe to ever devirginize his own Mother!

Some say his hair is read because when he broke his mother's hymen the blood permanently stained his flowing mop-top while others insist that his read hair comes from his fathers Reuben Kinkaid and Simone the Dog (see Geneology). Either way, you've got to admit that Danny has red hair. Along with his freckles he looks very different than the rest of the Partridges. Coincidence maybe, but I doubt it. It is all there for those to see! We are not making this stuff up. Just open your eyes and listen with your ears and you to will see and hear the Truth about Reality!

Along with Shirley, Danny is another example of the god and the human incarnation having the same first name. Again we think this is much more than a coincidence. Danny the human has gotten into much trouble with cocaine, reckless driving and transvestite prostitutes, but what do you expect from the god of Mischief? He's just being Danny.

Danny's reaction to the Temple has been mixed much like his trickster nature. He had Shaun Partridge call him on his radio show, but then got freaked out when he mentioned his run in with a transvestite prostitute that he hung up on him. Boyd Partridge interviewed Danny Bonaduce and asked him about the Temple. Danny replied, "Oh yeah, they came to a show of ours and they were handing out these stickers which were laced in L.S.D. which would have been cool with me." (for the record those stickers were not laced in L.S.D., if they were, Cassidy's goons would have started tripping after eating them.)

Another member of the temple had a run in with our lord Danny in Seattle. Bonaduce was promoting his new talk show and he asked the audience if they remembered the Partridge Family, and everyone started freaking out and applauding, he then asked the audience if anyone had heard of the Partridge Family Temple, and the members in the audience in the know started going crazy. This included Alpha Omega Partridge who came up on stage and started kissing his feet. He also gave him a huge water-color painting that depicted our Danny with the legs of a goat holding a huge Phallus. Hopefully Danny did not throw this away for it is a great piece of art.

The so-called time on the clock reads: CLOCK